1. What Is NativeScript?


These Are The Reasons Why Everyone Loves Success.

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A Depressed Boy
Depression Is The Biggest Reason To Commit Suicide.


Titanic Movie Poster

source: https://futurism.com

What is a Neural Network?

What is so special about a neural network?

  1. It is used to resolve highly complicated problems existed in a real-world scenario.
  2. Highly complicated algorithms can work more…

Tesla Model

#1. What is a Self-Driving Car?

1. What is autonomous?

2. How does it work?

Learning Model
Create our first model.

What is the Training Data?

Why it is important to train our model?

Ritesh Kumar

Undergraduate ME and Passionate About New Technologies. Data Science, Web-Dev, DevOps, Self-Driving Car Etc..

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